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Systems Design

We provide frameworks that will allow your employees to grow their connection and relationship skills within the working environment.


We establish business as forward-thinking organisations that value their team by providing training and team management solutions.


We provide detailed initiation and maintenance plans educating your team with skills and attitudes that they can learn and implement.


We work with your team supporting their newly utilised skills to reduce stress levels and improve productivity.


We grow your team to have a greater impact on organisational capability.

Our tools help your team to effectively engage, connect and communicate within the workplace.

Choosing WorkPlace Dynamics means you’ve selected team management professionals who:

Resolve issues that severely impact your business such as:

  • Absenteeism and lack of staff engagement
  • Staff retention and turnover
  • Reduced organisational productivity
  • Lack of trust and support for management
  • Lack of team cohesion and support
  • Low staff morale and harmony
  • Poor communication between employees and management

We Support the Individual Team Members with …

  • Heightened interaction
  • Better communication
  • Greater self-awareness
  • Increased value, trust and flow
  • Personalised training and development
  • Enhanced respect for others

WorkPlace Dynamics tools help your team to effectively engage, connect and communicate within the workplace.

We Support your Organisation with...

  • Increased team morale
  • Greater team cohesion
  • Less absenteeism and turnover
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Improved productivity and flow
  • Leadership development in the workplace
  • Thought leadership and personal development

Hear The Word On The Street…

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Iris Du
Careerists & Superwoman Business Club

Stefanie Besley, Dental Practice Manager Mt Gravatt Practice, Advanced Dental Care Group, Brisbane

Jeff and Maree from WorkPlace Dynamics Global have provided us insight into the inner workings of a flowing team… The outcome has been tremendous, our team flows better, works better and feels better.

As a Dental Practice Manager, my primary focus is the cohesiveness of our day to day running. We have always considered ourselves to be ‘ok’; however, as a business we have always strived to want more, to be better.

We tried all the usual avenues of motivational talks, monthly meetings and yet, not much changed and the enthusiasm was at an all time low.

The best thing our business owner could have done is employing the knowledge of both Jeff and Maree, after only two seminars the practical and inspiring information had us reignited with a better understanding of who we are and how we each work, and how to work better with our colleagues to achieve the common goals that are set before us.

Our team flows better, works better and feels better. Needless to say, I am excited for the future. A happy team is an efficient team.

I highly recommend both Jeff and Maree to my friends and family and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to any business requiring a new fresh outlook on how to engage and better connect with their team.

David Byrnes, Business Coach, The Alternate Table & Guardian Business Strategies, Brisbane

Outstanding! Hard to imagine anyone or any business that wouldn’t benefit from this truly unique program.

Fabian Gonzalez, Account Manager, 96.5 FM Family Radio

I met Jeff and Maree a few months ago. Their insight and delivery of information is astounding; they opened my eyes to a lot of misperceptions [about my previous business] I had and allowed me to move on from mistakes I thought I had made.

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WorkPlace Dynamics Global is proud to partner with Entrepreneurs Institute, a leading entrepreneur education group founded by Social Entrepreneur & Futurist, Roger James Hamilton.

The mission behind Entrepreneurs Institute is to empower and inspire entrepreneurs to follow their flow.

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